Saturday, November 18, 2017

Critical Consults

Legal Nurse Consulting Services:
  • Review and analysis of medical records, hospital policies, and procedures, and other related documents
  • Defining standards of care
  • Attendance of IME/DME's with audio-recording, if allowed
  • Summarizing and organizing medical records. Placement into tabbed binders with Table of Contents
  • Identification of missing records
  • Literature searches/Standard medical library research/Online research/Research of publications written by experts
  • Consultation with other health care providers
  • Preparation of written reports and opinion letters
Law and Medical
  •  Developing time-lines and chronologies. Can be brief or detailed, narrative or table/chart format
  • Assistance with preparation of affidavits, interrogatories, request for production, and deposition questions
  • Telephone conference and/or interview of clients, witnesses, and experts
  • Attendance of depositions as a consultant/Attendance of court proceeding as a consultant
  • Expert Witness preparation

Location of expert witnesses:
One to three expert candidates will be provided. Please specify any experts requirements specific to your state or firm on initial consultation.



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