Saturday, November 18, 2017

Critical Consults


"Decreasing Risk, Increasing Defensibility"


Improvement of patient care/decrease in patient injuries
Improvement of patient outcomes

Decrease in complaints
Decrease in lawsuits
Improvement in CMS surveys
Evidence of training and evaluation of skills with documentation

Education and Training, Compliance and Skills Competency Evaluation Services:

  • Evaluation of current policies, training, and credentialing related to staff education
  • Evaluation of complaints and lawsuits related to direct patient care 
  • Skills Labs - utilizing actual equipment, Video/DVD, and demonstrated 
    and observed sessions to evaluate current skills of staff (RN, LPN, and Certified Nursing Assistants/Patient Care Technicians)
    Examples: wound care, dressing changes, turning/moving, catheter care, bed changes, IV starts, etc (varies according to the needs of the facility and level of care) 
  • Re-mediation of skills with suggestions for improvement 
  • Skills check-lists to remain in facility staff files 
  • CPR, AED, ACLS, and First Aide classes, on site if needed 
  • Evaluation of current Emergency Response Plans (Fire, Cardiac/Respiratory Arrest) with Group training of staff 
  • Re-Evaluation at six (6) months and twelve (12) months with one (1) year contract

CPR Training







Critical Consults Inc. utilizes Nurse Educators, LPN program instructors, CNA program instructors, and other qualified staff to perform the above services as needed.

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